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Some ways improve english speaking skill
23-02-2011, 05:11 PM, (Được chỉnh sửa: 23-02-2011, 06:20 PM {2} bởi Akeyla.)
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Exclamation  Some ways improve english speaking skill

Regularity-This is not a tip on how to improve English speaking skills but just a reminder so that you don’t dare to think that it is a one time process. In fact, learning English is an ever growing concept. You have to practice all those things at regular basis whatever you learn in this line. Always remember that practice makes a man perfect. Without actual practice, all theory is a sheer waste.

Choose your accent-Before proceeding for any learning, you have to choose your accent. Every individual may have different accent but most commonly used accents are British, American, and Indian and so on. You can choose any of them and start focusing on one rather than trying to grab all of them in one attempt.

Observation-After you are done with your research on accent, try to observe people having similar accent. Scrutinize the mouth moment of them and try to imitate them as clearly as you can. For instance, while watching television, observe the news reporters who are speaking in English. Try to imitate their style and mouth moments. Listen carefully how they are sounding and in what tone they are uttering any word. You have to imitate the intonation and their rhythm. At initial level, you have to keep your rhythm a bit slow so that you can have a good command and proper remembering of words with that particular accent.

Listening-Listening is the most essential part of how to improve English speaking skills. You have to listen very carefully at each word and focus on all the verbal punctuations and marks. Try to make notes of what you found while listening and how it is different from your natural speaking. This will help you in easy grasping.

You can listen to music, any audio, tutorials, videos and movies related to your accent. Try to be familiar with them. If you don’t have some to practice with then you can even start with yourself only. Listen the English songs and sing. Try to focus on the accent and style rather than wordings and rhythm. It is ok if you are out of line and violating all the terms of singing but you should not violate any terms of English.

Make usage of dictionary-By using dictionary, you can familiarize yourself with the phonetic symbols of the dictionary. Look for the correct pronunciation of those words that are really hard for you to say. Dictionary will definitely help you in learning at fast speed.

Listing-Sometimes even after putting so many efforts, some felt that they are not getting proper pronunciation. In that case, you can make a list of those words which are difficult to pronounce and ask any of your friends or relatives who speak the language well to pronounce those words for you and even teach you in slow motion. You can record their voice and can listen to them whenever you want to do practice.

Buy recorded books-You can buy a book of your interest in audio format. This will help you in knowing how to improve English speaking skills. By listening to that book, you can compare your words with the person who is reading. And then try to change them according to the correct format.

Focus on ending of the words-If you really want to convert or make changes in your accent then you have to focus on the ending especially S or ED. This will help in strengthening the mouth muscles and automatically it will include in your daily habits.

Reading-Whatever you read throughout the day, try to read it loud so that you can hear your own voice and can judge the improvement. The exercise could take 15-20 minutes in a day.

The above mentioned tips will help you to know how to improve English speaking skills.
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